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Who will you become?

Hi readers and welcome to the PPR newsletter.

This newsletter is about you and me.

Our lives as dreamers or choosing a life of action.

The meta journey is learning and earning and sharing this knowledge; the experience.

Yes, the journey is yours to live and share.

Yes, the growth must occur.

From day one you grow to experience your life in a new way; to understand your existence.

Some wonder about invisible beings in the sky or aliens from another world, but you know you are one life shared amongst many people from the dawn of our known time.

6 million years to create you. You are of this life. You are of this God. You are a vital piece of the human experience.

You don't just love life. It is more likely you discover places and people to express your love safely, boldly and unconditionally.

With all great experiences they began as an idea. The idea existed in the dreamers mind, heart and soul. With daily action and focus on that vision the dreamer became a doer… a visionary. A success.

In Pay Packet Racket we will discuss life and its wonder and how you can turn your dreams into reality through simple frameworks and accountability expanding your existence to self actualise your potential.

I am human. I have been a coward and courageous. I have been a fool and a success. I have rejected and been rejected. I am living, growing and sharing simple principles that attract courage, exploration and acceptance; so growth occurs.

We must stay alive… the world depends on us reaching self autonomy.

We must clarify the vision drawing us forward to adventure.

We must grow relationships to expose our ideas to be tested and shared to improve the collective experience.

We must evaluate all our efforts to attract money today and tomorrow.

I hope your dreams become a reality for you and for the people who count on the 'who you choose to become'.

Welcome to the Pay Packet Racket Newsletter.


William Price.

Create Your Autonomy © One Will Price.

Clarify the Vision - Grow Relationships - Evaluate All Effort.

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