Put Money Into Your Art.

Creation makes you happy.

Put money into your art.

Your writing.

Your songs.

Your people.

Your business.

Your community.

Your peers.


Your art is about you becoming… being a creator.

Put creation first.

A creator is… A person who invents, produces or brings something into existence.

You create to be happy.

Creating can help you retire from serving someone else’s dream, to focusing on your dream.

Yes; you may require a good foundational income if you want to play it safe, but you must evolve your efforts.

Your day job pays the bills, so you can survive.

Your time must be used to create a place for you to thrive.

You can retire from solving other people problems.

You will never retire from solving your own problems.

Get good at solving your life’s problems.

Create new possibilities, so others will follow.

Start small and simple. With proof; be open to making complexity simple again.

Those who share a common life, like you; will need your inspiration and a possible path.

Even if they believe your life is a success, they will choose their own steps and maybe use some of yours to create their own story.

Your story provides clarity for others to follow.

You create a new way.

Your people will act to create their own way too.

You are the way.

No longer stuck in comfort, you will act and learn to share your journey.

People do not want a million News stories; they want a few stories that help them see life in a new way.

The News happens everyday, only each day it is happening to someone else.

You must create your own news.

Your People want a different layer of reality. They don’t want the random suffering of old media news. People want stories of the individual hero suffering to create their own personal worthwhile journey in life.

You may not hear such shinny talk everyday or I may sound a little emotionally indulgent until you notice new results.

What actions do you take to encourage creative people?

If you want to record music; do you encourage other musicians?

If you want to build a new business. Do you know how to create value for the people you serve?

If you create Art; are you involved spending money to support your favourite artists?

Through your actions you can create a new world that encourages direct or indirect results that grow your dream life.

Feeding the new self can help it grow strong and outgrow the old you. It’s up to you!

You will have challenges from within.

You will not need to know everything.

You will need to put in the work to simplify life’s complexities for other people to enjoy and grow.

There are many easy options.

Clarify your vision to see a new way.

Evaluate all effort, so your actions create proof of life.

Grow the relationships that help you thrive.

I encourage you to back yourself and create from the God within.

We all have the power to create.

Will you choose to harness your power and change your world?

Today, people need the individual to create. Communities with a recent history successfully creating abundance are now choosing destruction as a way to consolidate and motivate change.

You must put creation first.

The world changes from within you.

You are needed to enrich the lives of others now!

Even the man made creation of the internet; a place that connects us, may itself be under threat.

Act now to create, so you can influence others and be a part of their personal freedom.

What action can you do now to put creation first?

Let me know if I can serve you.



Clarify the vision.

Evaluate your efforts.

Grow your relationships.

Join the conversation

or to participate.