The One Trilogy Begins.

The Purge Is Over.

The purge is over. After 200 episodes around one of my craft skills ‘pay packet racket’ plus a podcast about my music ‘journey in sound’ of approximately 300 episodes; today I have a new path of value for you.

Using my life earned skills I will live the next 365 days… one revolution around the sun, to grow my life.

I will be using my personal philosophy; to clarify the vision, evaluate all efforts and grow relationships as the key for personal growth.

Over the next revolution around the sun I will write 27 letters, publish 27 podcasts sharing my journey around the sun.

I will use my philosophy to grow my health, wealth and relationships. I will share simple actions that are working and the lessons any loss has taught me.

My desire is you the listener will step forward to create your own ‘one revolution’ around the sun. A journey where you finally act on the impossible and create new ways to live a worthwhile life.

Yes, I have responsibilities just like you, but we must use the moments we have available to lead more people to create great lives full of experiences.

Please join me as I grow and share in the hope that people want their dream life enough to live it daily for ‘one revolution’ around the sun.

This journey is not about the right answers. This is more about discovering the questions that create new possibilities for your life.

Can the new found questions feed your personal trilogy to grow? The mind, body and spirit are key to your experience being worthwhile.

Can you make changes in 365 days that will grow all parts of your life?

At 51 years young can I implement a new plan to get massive results?

When I was younger each massive change had great benefits and at times lacked a balanced outcome.

My health and relationships was good but I lacked wealth. Other times I had money and health but lacked relationships for expansion. Sometimes I had money and valued relationships but lacked benefits from good health.

With experience can I make the massive change I desire using each extreme to keep my trilogy in balance?

At 51 years young can I discover growth in my health, wealth and relationships which will transform my identity into a new way of being?

It sounds impossible, so I must do it.

My voice may speak actions.

My will can help me commit.

My actions have to create proof.

I am happy being alive.

I am tired of my repetitive experience.

I have a foundational income. I have family support. I have varied life skills and am willing to adapt new skills. I am open to act for change.

I have had issues in past with fixation, obsession and addictive habits used to attain massive change. This is no longer a healthy option for me.

I believe simple ideas can improve my odds. The hardest path is the decision to begin. The ‘I have had enough;’ feeling that drives the decision to act today.

If the world seems on repeat; can you create your own personal philosophy, refreshing the approach to living?

My guess is a yes.

My journey of ‘one revolution’ around the sun will discover the proof of concept for your ‘one trilogy’. Helping you create your revolution.

I will filter my proof through my music, my trade craft, my online business, travel and my relationships to gain further insight into living a great life.

You deserve your best life! There is only one reason you are not living it!

*You are not feeding the life you want.

Join me as I write letters, publish songs, work my trade, travel for pleasure and work, growing my relationships and build my online business.

I believe your desired now is possible to create and share.

I believe!

Will you join me on your journey?



One Trilogy - Create Your Revolution.

Clarify the vision.

Evaluate all effort.

Grow your relationships.

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