One Contractor.

Fixing Your Profit.

As a Journey man or woman you learn quickly that technical college does not prepare you for planning your profit.

You earn the skills, but you know that service is the next key skill to growing your profit.

Who is your work serving?

You are ready for the effort required and are proud of your work; now to turn it to profit.

You will hear all sorts of myths about profit.

I promise you over the first decade as a Contractor you will notice some myths are false and many myths contain half truths that do not prepare you for the life you desire.

You can retire off the tools regardless of the lane you work in.

You must understand the lane you work in. You can be an employee, a contractor, a small business or corporation; but you must know the way.

You must clarify the vision you believe is possible to live a full life off the tools.

You will be distracted.

You will adapt to new technology, but how does your commitment to being the best limit your profit?

Money in and money out right? It is so much more.

You have earned the right, through your efforts to gain access to your dream life.

So how do you navigate your way?

Your Success involves a trilogy of ideas to win.

  1. You must clarify the vision in your mind.

  2. You must grow relationships that want you to win.

  3. You must evaluate all effort, so you can earn profit today and tomorrow.

Sound simple? Your effort requires focus and persistence to realise your potential.

With a few simple systems you will know the way and grow into the dream life you desire.

Being a Contractor is awesome and only you know the feeling of serving your world.

Yes, some people don't know how valuable you are to the health and safety of humanity… You do!

While you serve the world; how can you make sure you are looking after you?

If you don't look after you; the Contractor… who will?

You deserve a simple system that supports your way of living.

Your life can be primed for success.

Thank you for reading.

William Price.

Clarify the Vision - Evaluate All Effort - Grow relationships.

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