Jump in the deep end.

Your life is for living.

The purge is over… it’s time to share the pieces.

The fact I am still alive is a blessing.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Being wrong at the wrong time.

Being less than I can be.

Being what my environment creates.

Being content.

Being lost.

Being human.

Choosing to commit and be brave!

All of which through growth allowed me to become my new self.

The work in progress is quiet, steady and sometimes I fail.

Only now I rebound quickly; thankful, I am human.

I know myself. I accept my reality. I know there is work to be done and a life to be lived.

What work is being busy and which work requires immediate action.

Planning this and testing that!

So I jumped in, I got wet and these are the memories that fill my life again and again.

Large experiences distilled into 3 second flashbacks of bliss.

When I was a young boy swimming lessons were brutal. The alternative was a time frame (one summer) to learn in my home pool or go back to the crazy lady dishing out lessons.

90 days of learning how to swim from home. Rounding up helpers; neighbours and siblings who were not really interested. Maybe keen for a little entertainment. They would become a part of my success.

First step a leap into the deep end. Then communicate how I am doing. Staying calm. Staying afloat. Focusing on getting the first step done. That first splash to the edge of the pool was the moment my summer would become about personal growth.

Learning how to swim.

Learning how to run a business.

Learning how to think for yourself.

Many sacrifices will be made for the right reason and I feel sometimes sacrifices will be made for the wrong reasons.

I move into this next journey of the one trilogy to grow my mind, body and spirit.

Each piece a part of my life journey.

Each step proof of what worked before and what has changed to work now.

Your individual life is a hybrid version of all others.

Your journey has pieces of you and the people you connect with to grow.

When we connect, we share some pieces to create the new puzzle.

If your One life is a 50 piece puzzle; the journey is to share your pieces with others to create new puzzles.

Your commitment is the leverage you require to grow.

Maybe we are not one 50 piece puzzle but a piece in 50 more puzzles.

Please join me as I learn, create and share my puzzle pieces with you.



Clarify the vision - Evaluate all effort - Grow relationships.

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