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A Real Life Has No Complaints Department.

Stop Complaining.

A real life has no complaints department.

You must ask for what you want clearly.

You can set standards to live by and be the light for others to follow.

You can make it your way or make all the mistakes on your journey.

You live in a first world so turn your irritation into inspiration.

The fact you can read these words, using a voice in your mind, yours or mine imagined; means you are winning.

You dislike your lot… you made decisions or deferred important decisions to get you here.

When you gave up on a dream you ended up here irritated, wanting to complain.

When you acted out your vision you attracted more problems to solve. With more vision came more problems and more life.

Complaining about your fortunate circumstance is attacking the essence of who you are.

Your old self had to courage to act and now you complain that yesterday you had poor foresight.

The complaint is you being unwilling to choose. Will you fix the problem or will you give up?

You must solve the problem or let it go.

You have to expect that life will not always go to plan. Expect the usual bullshit and you will be quietly pleased when normal things go wrong and be open to new exciting things going right.

You could do it better. You could do it now. You could allow someone else to solve the problem.

An unpleasant state will distract you from your vision. It will cloud your perspective. It may attract illness to the mind, body or spirit.

Dissatisfaction is giving you a sign to give up, grow or get out of the way.

Your complaint about the 1st world you see, could be you projecting your shadow on the world around you.

Maybe life is being what it is!

Yeah you can find friends who let you rip the world up, complaining about your luck. Being alive, breathing, eating, drinking and moving all while this planet is being towed in a vortex behind a molten rock, called the sun; into an abyss.

Yes, you can see patterns in other people bullshit. You can see them growing or about to crash land.

Now look at you. Look at your situation objectively. Why did you end up here?

Close down your complaints department. Open your appreciation society.

Dump the positive bullshit. Understand that one circumstance is affected by another. 

One new promise can break an older promise. If the promise is worthwhile be accountable if it causes new problems.

I noticed today I am tolerating my current existence, because I am in the final stages of letting go of my old self. My voice inside me wants me to stay in this old commitment and become miserable.

To change; will I leap or continue surviving my old identity?

Somehow the new thing seems ordinary. Do I want to stay on this familiar misery instead of leaping into the unknown?

I am older and comfort is the risk. Adventure is where I will find me.

Comfort will lead to me opening a complaints department.

Adventure will help me open the appreciation society.

The battle for life is being waged between my hero and my villain.

Each day begins in between sleep and awake. I thank the universe, God (prayer). I ask for my vision to be shown to me. I ask for my vision to be realised today. I sit and I listen (meditate)to the universe or God.

Recently, I woke early and began the day with complaints and misery running through my mind. I could feel any gratitude.

Over the next few days my body became inflammed and my health suffered costing me work income and I was unable to walk. My body was softened by complaints.

We can believe that complaining caused my body to react or was this a mental symptom of an impending physical failure. From either point of view my lack of gratitude had consumed all of me.

My life for 1 week became the exact place I never want to live. In this moment of illness I could not appreciate the world around me and my actions were taking me away from my dream existence.

Unless I aligned my dream life with my actions then the compromises I have been making to survive would turn into complaints.

The side hustle, the new vision taking you away from pain will only lead to pleasure if you keep the promises to yourself.

I am suspicious of the person who can deliver promises to their colleagues and boss, but unable to keep promises to themselves and their loved ones.

I am suspicious of the complainer. The complainer must transmute the frustration into building a new way to live.

I can choose to complain or transmute the energy to a new way of living.

I am only as strong as my weakest link. Complaining is a weakness within the way we choose to live.

The appreciation society goes in my vision for my best life.

The complaints departments fits into my anti vision of my comfortable enabling life.

A real life has no complaints department… STOP now!

Thank you for reading.

Will Price

Clarify Your Vision - Evaluate All Effort - Grow Relationships.

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