Design Your Distraction.

Make Your Own Problems.

Design your life. Design your distraction.

Whatever you choose make it a conscious decision to do it in a way that satisfies your existence.

My children laugh when I discuss the NPC. The non playable character. A gaming character that exists without purpose.

With all the everyday distractions I would want my family to design their own distraction and accept the outcome. To choose a worthwhile life.

What they consciously choose to go in their mind; is what will actively come out. Why do you do what you do?

The intention of your work will lead the way.

Make your favourite distraction the work.


Make your favourite distraction the reward.

 If I decide how I live then the outcome is my problem.

Some of my most successful visions will have a nightmare attached. You cannot see everything, but with faith you will receive. With the vision you attract problems to solve. Some build resilience others can halt your progress.

I enforce a regime of work upon myself.

I enforce a day of rest.

I design my distraction.

I observe myself to make sure I am a good boss to myself. Tyranny is unacceptable.

I focus my energies; the darkness and the light.

I choose one way forward.

I persist.

 I find out what motivates me and activate it daily.

I keep an open mind to growth.

I am grateful for what I have and where I am. With a little help from the relationships I forge, I can learn to grow from the problems I create.

I work towards clarity of vision, growing relationships and evaluating all effort.

Whatever is learned or earned is of my own making. I make my own problems.

 Go create your own problems and share the lessons to build a new world.

Thank you for reading.

William Price.

 Clarify Of Vision - Evaluate All Effort - Grow Relationships.

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