You Create.

Dare to live your dreams.

The desire to be free gives us a sense of worth.

No longer lost in the meaningless story of births and deaths, but a renewed sense of self.

A self with the urge to discover capacity from within. This journey is for the delusional soul; a creator who believes anything is possible.

You dare to live the dream. This pure madness is one piece of a healthy person. Yes the yin with the yang.

This alter ego the aka all a part of something bigger.

How dare you decide to act out your dream.

You may or may not know the cost of your decision, but it will be paid… in full.

You will look for answers; only to discover it is the questions that clear the path forward.

You may work without knowledge and learn on the run or you may need to know everything.

Remain open to the fact that the effort will give you momentum, but you must be open to direction.

Your journey will draw you into a world of myth.

A place of ‘they say’ is merely a line to divert you off your path. A fork designed to make you choose from the projection of your spirit.

Your success will come from sifting through the myths and discovering your own truth.

You must know yourself; know your people and know your god. All found from the journey within; given to the world outside.

You are one drop of water in an ocean of life. You must move forward, so the future is filled with your ideas and actions.

This proof is needed in a world where stories of comfort eat at the hearts and minds of good people.

You are not a could have been or a dreamer. You are a creator who has had wins and lessons and knows that creation is both quick and slow.

As you breathe in ideas and experiences you exhale creations built to serve your people and your inner god.

You know that spirituality is about connecting people. You’re not fearful of an invisible man in the sky. You are grateful of the spirit of your ancestors running through you.

You are here for a short life of up to 100 years and a piece of the ongoing journey of 6 million years of genetic evolution.

Your dna is proof of the life and death struggle to give you the chance to be free.

You must choose. You must act and you must serve your people to grow.

It is not about letters by your name and schooling achievements.

It is about clarifying the dream, evaluating your efforts and growing relationships.

Do not stop. You have made it this far; so keep moving.

Dare to live your dream life.

I will be watching you. Let me know if I can serve you.



Clarify the visions.

Evaluate your efforts.

Grow your relationships.

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or to participate.