The Coward Lacks Autonomy.

Create proof.

Creating is a courageous step you can take today toward competence and autonomy.

I sit here knowing if I complete this letter I am striking a vote in the courage column.

Oh the distractions that arise when the real work has to be done is not surprising to me.

In my College days the home was never cleaner when an important deadline approached.

To remove all of my resistance leaves all the room I require to move forthrightly with courage.

There was a time in my life where I had failed and I learnt from the experience.

There have been times where I failed and I did not learn and this behaviour repeated until I saw the truth.

If I lie to myself I will tell myself I feel guilty, but not learn. So my feelings are not guilt it is the fear of accountability.

If I accept the accountability not worrying about good or bad, just growth; then a new path is built to move forward.

To lack accountability for my behaviour is to be an amateur in life. I will be stuck being a victim of circumstance.

I recently discovered some great work in the book the ‘War of Art’ and I liked the story person choosing to be the amateur or the Pro in their life.

An amateur and the Pro see the world differently.

So why not step up and live a professional life?

I can see my friend and her drinking problem sabotaging her life.

I can also see my procrastination. I work on small order tasks instead of working on the most important task.

The lack of focus leads to failure.

Focusing on closing the gap between my dream life and my current existence is the scariest and most important task I can achieve today.

Having the courage to grow is my responsibility.

The coward does not want to grow.

The coward isn’t the yellow chicken in the movie ‘Back to the future'. The coward is the resistance to growth that lives in me.

The gap is where the stress resides. The gap is where courage grows.

Let's look at the people that influence our life.

If I have people that allow me to be fun, naughty and behave with a childlike mind, drinking, dancing or taking drugs I am living the cowards life. I am surrounded by enablers.

If I have people who want me to win and grow. They connect when I behave in a professional manner. Using an adult attitude, a Pro attitude to the ups and downs of life. People who expect me to learn and lead; are my friends.

My resistance to change is the devil in the detail. I believe Steven Pressfield said it best.

‘The voice in my head blocking creativity is resistance. I must create a process to overcome my resistance’.

To live courageously is to invite the good with the bad and act out a life of your dreams.

To live cowardly is to accept no judgement, no accountability and no one growing around you.

The courageous person is leading others to the light. The coward leads others to the darkness.

The hero is my responsibility. I must decided to change my mind and address my life in a professional manner.

The villain waits in my shadow to destroy what is good for me. I must act out my dream life, daily.

The hero and the villain have equal power within my spirit. I must deal with both if I am to grow.

One of my favourite stories is that of the prodigal son. I was born an identical twin, so I found this story silly when viewed through a childlike mind. The father loves the good son and the bad son equally. That is stupid.

As I viewed the story through my adult experience I realised I am the father and both sons are mine. My yin and my yang. My self and my shadow. I may choose to be one or the other, but I cannot exist without both the good and the bad. I can be the villain or the hero. The choice is mine to make.

Carl Jung stated ‘You are not what happens to you. You are who you choose to become’.

Each action, each habit I exercise daily will show people who I choose to become.

If I choose to be a victim I will share all that has happened to me and the enabler will feed my story, so my life becomes lost and lacking in meaning.

If I choose to be a hero I will act out the person I want to become and the friend will encourage my story so my life is actualised and worthwhile.

Will I be a coward today?

I publish this letter as proof; so you will know my choice for today.

Thank you for reading.

Will Price

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